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Understanding Home Ownership- The Beginning

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The Keys to Great Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Creating successful direct marketing campaigns will take a lot of time and practice. Most likely, the first set of letters or postcards you send won’t receive the response you were anticipating; this is why good direct marketers will spend lots of time honing and testing every aspect of their campaigns in order to get the highest response rate.

If you want to be a great direct marketer and have effective direct mail campaigns, you will need to be willing to test many, many different approaches and be willing not to give up in the face of adversity or low response rates. Here are just a few things that good direct marketers do in the course of creating and optimizing a DM campaign:

  • Test different sized letters or postcards
  • Test different sized envelopes
  • Test handwritten vs. typed letters and envelopes
  • Test different color papers and inks
  • Test different kinds of stamps (first class vs. bulk)
  • Test different marketing messages
  • Test different target groups (distressed vs. retail, homeowner vs. investor, etc)

Four main keys to being a successful direct marketer

  1. Getting your audience to open your letter.
  2. Getting your audience to read your message.
  3. Getting your audience to act on your call to action.
  4. Converting that potential lead into a sale.

The Secret to Direct Mail Marketing Success
There is one HUGE secret that successful direct marketers do that other, less successful, direct marketers don’t do. And that’s REPETITION.

Too many new marketers assume that if they don’t get a response from a prospect on the first mailing, they’re never going to get a response. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you’re more likely to get a response (even if it’s just a “TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST!!!”) on the second, third, fourth or fifth mailing, than you are on the first. Even if the prospect is only calling to ask to be removed from the list, that’s still an opportunity to try to convert a lead.