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Understanding Home Ownership - The Beginning

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  1. Module 1: Understanding Mindset
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  2. Module 2: Understanding What you want your money to do for you?
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Attitude of Fixed Mindset

They believe that if a person is  talented in art, that the person  doesn’t have to work hard at creating  art.

They believe that talent alone creates success—without effort.

They are more likely to cheat on a test.  They  do this because they don’t want people to  think that they aren’t smart enough (which is  what they, themselves, believe).

They don’t tend to study for quizzes or  tests because they don’t believe it will  make them any smarter.

A person with a fixed mindset believes that if  you learned how to do a math problem, it’s  because you were smart enough to do it.  That if  you didn’t learn how to do it the first time, you’d  never be good at it because you just aren’t  smart enough.

Attitude of Growth Mindset

A person with a growth mindset believes  that if you didn’t learn how to do a math  problem the first time, that you would get  much better at it with time, practice, and  effort.

People with a growth mindset  want to learn and don’t give up  just because something is hard.

“Never, never, never give up.”
Winston Churchill  Great Britain prime  minister during WWII

They tend to study for tests because  they believe with effort, they can  succeed.

They believe that if they don’t do well  on something, that just means  they need to work a little harder at it.

Growth Mindset

“People may start with different  [abilities], but it is clear that  experience, training, and personal  effort take them the rest of the way.”

– Robert Sternberg
Author of “Successful  Intelligence”

Fixed Mindset

People who have a fixed mindset  believe the brain is either smart,  average, or dumb.  They believe you’re  stuck with the brain you’ve got, and  there’s nothing you can do about it


…now research shows that the brain is  more like a muscle – it changes and  gets stronger when you use it.

So, how does your brain become  stronger and more intelligent? 

By  exercising your brain’s neurons!


“Neurons are what we call the cells in  your brain.  Neurons send and retrieve  information through electricity (yes,  there are small electrical pulses in your  body.) 

Neurons in our brain

But, if you don’t use these new neurons, they will DIE.

Every day, new neurons are being  formed in your brain.

Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?


If your answer was “fixed mindset”, let’s go back in time...

When you were a baby, you had a growth mindset.

From the time you were born, you began  learning. 

You learned to sit up, crawl,  walk, talk, drink from a straw, feed  yourself, and MUCH, MUCH more!

These things were difficult to do, but  you didn’t give up! 

Over time, you  mastered them because you kept  trying and working hard (because you  had a growth mindset)!