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Acquire the ultimate guide to wealth creation through homeownership.

This 2-In-1 course bundle, taught by an experienced, active property investor, takes both novice and experienced real estate investors on an incredible journey to steadily and safely build wealth over time through homeownership and property investments.


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Education. Access. Equity.

Whether you're eyeing your first property or your third, there's no denying the risk. But what if you could mix a bit of science into your strategy? That's where this course bundle helps. This steers you past the "let's just try and see" approach towards a smarter, wealth-building journey.

We're talking a full spectrum journey here, from crafting the ‘mindset needed for success’ to mastering advanced investment strategies – and every wealth-building secret in between.

With our 2-in-1 Bundle, You’re Set To:

Have Clarity Ahead

Become a knowledgeable homeowner, with all the motivation and knowledge you need to max out your returns.

Find Deals

Arm yourself with the knowledge to spot killer deals and when to bolt from the not-so-good ones.

Set Goals

Know how to set yourself up the right way so you can replace your income with property investing.

Build Cash-Flowing Empire

Learn to create a financially successful portfolio that can create chunks of spare cash flow for retirement.

Reduce Risks On Every Stage

Have ways to lower your risk, including advice on down payment assistance, taxation, and finance structures.

Conquer Homeownership Fears

This easy-to-follow roadmap puts you far ahead in the investing game, kills your terror and strengthens your self-confidence.

Whether you are aiming to become a first-home buyer, a first-time property investor, or have an existing property portfolio – This course bundle provides action steps that gets you ahead faster.

No More Same-Old Investment Advice

Get the insider strategies from portfolio holders to reap the rewards of using your home as an investment. From capital gains and rental income to leveraging your equity for even bigger gains, we show you can live the kind of lifestyle you want.

Real Steps To Real Wealth

Stop guessing your next move. You’ll know what you need to be smarter with your money. Our seasoned instructor lays out the step-by-step plan you need.

Leap Over First-Time Buyer Hurdles

First-time buying can feel like a marathon of hurdles. With our two-course special bundle, you'll glide over common obstacles with confidence. Consider this your express lane homeownership—saving you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

Clear The Financial Fog For Good

From securing the best loans to optimizing your cash flow, this course reveals everything about building your wealth on rock-solid ground. With this course, every move you make is calculated for long-term success and security.

What does this course bundle actually include?

Bonuses You Will Get

The Power of Real Estate Understanding home Ownership
Module 1
Mindset Makeover: Win Before You Begin

Forget everything you thought you knew. With the right knowledge and a bulletproof mindset, you're already ahead. We tear down the barriers and build you up for unstoppable growth. It's all about winning, from the get-go.

Module 2
Plan Your Financial Freedom

Ever dreamt of what you want your money to do for you? It's time to stop dreaming and start planning. From understanding assets and liabilities to developing a foolproof business plan for homeownership, we lay it all out.

Module 3
Explore the Investment Landscape

The real estate market is vast, but we demystify it, guiding you through the various investment avenues. Whether it's house flipping or long-term rentals, you'll find your niche.

Module 4
Master the Tools and Resources

Get equipped with the essential resources and strategies for real estate deals. Understand contract enforceability, property value assessment, and effective marketing strategies for lead generation.

Module 5
Finance Your Dreams

Demystify real estate financing. From all-cash deals to commercial loans, find out how to financially support your investments and choose the right financial structure for your portfolio.


With every module, you'll apply what you've learned, cementing your knowledge and honing your skills in the real world.

Module 1
Mindset for Wealth: Level Up

This module offers a comprehensive overview of the principles behind a winning mindset, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a wealthy mindset and taking an empowerment approach to wealth.

Module 2
Strategic Planning

Dream big, then execute. We're moving you from daydreams to actionable, wealth-building strategies with a clear-cut plan for financial domination. Time to make your money work harder than ever.

Module 3
Decoding Real Estate Investments

Explore the world of real estate investing with an emphasis on investment types, strategies, and the reasons behind investing in real estate.

Module 4
Navigating Legal and Valuation Resources

Understand the critical components of real estate contracts, contract law, property valuation, and how to find profitable properties.

Module 5
Financing Expertise

Broaden your understanding of real estate financing. From conventional mortgages to innovative financing options like EIULs and Roth IRAs, gain the knowledge to navigate the financing landscape confidently.


We believe the best form of learning is by doing, with every module, you put what you learned into practice before moving onto the next topic.

Get 2 ebooks for FREE.
As an extra bonus, you’ll receive 2 ebooks to assist you on your journey to wealth creation.


Real Estate Investment Crowd Funding

OPM – Other peoples money. Embark on an opportunity to utilize funds from various sources to fund your deals. Learn about the successes and pitfalls of leveraging OPM in real estate.

Real Estate Guide eBook

The Power of Real Estate

The Power of Real Estate: Your step-by-Step Guide to Homeownership and Real Estate Investing is your ultimate companion on the path to financial freedom and a property portfolio that sets you up for life.

Meet Your Instructor

Anthony C. Bailey

Meet Anthony, with a massive portfolio and a track record of transforming beginners into savvy property investors, our instructor brings not only knowledge but also passion and precision to the teaching table. Having navigated the highs and lows of the real estate market for 7 Years, Anthony understands the nuances of smart investing, risk management, and strategic growth.

It Helped Them. This Is What They Say…

“Honestly, I was a bit lost before this course. Now, I've not only found my way—I'm paving a new one. The lessons felt like chatting with an old friend, making the daunting world of investment surprisingly fun”
Rafael Stokes
“Walking through the homeownership module felt like someone turned on the lights in a dark room. Suddenly, everything about real estate made sense, and I started seeing potential homes everywhere, not just as places to live but as opportunities to grow my wealth.”
Olive Borer
“I never thought I'd laugh so much learning about real estate! The instructor's stories, their mistakes and triumphs, made everything so relatable. I've gained more than knowledge; I've found a community.”
Jacqueline Mueller
“These courses opened my eyes” wide. I discovered corners of the real estate world I never knew existed. It's thrilling to find your place in such a vast universe.
Joseph Reinger
“Adopting a wealthy mindset turned out to be more about personal growth than I expected. It's like I’ve been given a new lens to look through, spotting opportunities where I used to see roadblocks.”
Chelsea Turner
“Before, financing felt like a barrier. Now, thanks to the course, it's an open door to new possibilities, with clear, actionable strategies I can follow.”
Priscilla Jacobson

Got Questions?

Is This Course Suitable for Complete Beginners?

Absolutely! This 2-in-1 course bundle is crafted to guide both novices and seasoned investors looking to expand your existing portfolio, this course is tailored for you. Our seasoned instructor, with a multi-million dollar portfolio, breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand lessons

Can I Really Replace My Income Through Property Investing with This Course?

Yes, and we'll show you how. This course is designed not just to educate you about homeownership and property investing but to empower you to set up a successful investment strategy that can replace your income. From cultivating a winning mindset to mastering the financial fundamentals and strategic planning, you'll learn how to create a portfolio that generates substantial cash flow, paving the way for financial freedom and a secure retirement.

Can This Course Help Me If I'm Already Experienced in Property Investing?

Yes! This course is designed to offer value to both novices and seasoned investors. For experienced investors, our advanced strategies and insights into risk management, taxation, and finance structures can provide new perspectives and opportunities for growth, helping you refine and expand your investment approach.

What Makes This Course Different From Other Real Estate Courses?

Our unique blend of practical knowledge, real-world exercises, and mindset training sets us apart. Unlike other courses that focus solely on theory, we ensure you apply what you learn through practical exercises. Plus, our instructor's personal anecdotes and insights from a successful investment journey add invaluable context you won't find anywhere else.

What If I'm Concerned About the Risks Involved in Property Investing?

Understanding and mitigating risk is a core part of the curriculum. We teach you how to minimize risks through informed decision-making, strategic planning, and understanding the financial structures that best support your investment goals. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make smart investment choices, turning potential risks into calculated, manageable steps towards your financial freedom.


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*Not financial advice*

Truthfully, property investment and homeownership is both rewarding and challenging. Nonetheless, you can make it work for you. The course does not contain any financial advice. It is educational material for people who are interested in homeownership of who have are interested in property investment and wish to learn more.

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