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  • Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth – Here's How to Upgrade It Today

    Posted by Lisa on May 12, 2024 at 8:36 am

    In our endless pursuit of making more money and accumulating fancier belongings, we often neglect our most valuable asset of all – our health.

    Think about it. What good is a luxury car if you’re laid up in the hospital with heart disease? How much would you pay to regain your health if you developed a chronic illness? At the end of the day, true wealth is about more than just dollars in the bank.

    The wealthiest people have vibrantly healthy minds and bodies that allow them to fully experience life’s richness through their platinum years. Everything else – the businesses, investments, possessions – is secondary to prioritizing your health first.

    Because unlike money, your health cannot be replenished once it’s depleted beyond repair. There are no do-overs. But with some preventative effort, you can upgrade your physical and mental health to levels that create unstoppable energy, productivity and life satisfaction.

    I’m here to show you how. These are the simple habits I’ve adopted for just 1-2 hours per day that have completely transformed my own health:

    1. Master the Art of Movement

    Notice I didn’t say “exercise” – because that conjures up images of mind-numbing cardio slogs or pumping iron for hours. That’s not health, that’s punishment!

    Instead, focus on incorporating fun, enjoyable movement into your day across these three disciplines:

    • Mobility: Yoga, stretching, and correcting poor posture/positioning. Mobility improves flexibility, range of motion, and functional strength.
    • Strength: Resistance training, for both muscular and bone-building benefits. Bodyweight exercises are perfect for busy schedules.
    • Activity: Find physical activity you enjoy, like sports, dancing, hiking, etc. The key is making it fun so you stick with it effortlessly.

    2. Eat More Plants, Less Crap

    You are quite literally built from the foods you consume. Garbage in, garbage out when it comes to your body’s cellular development.

    Gradually emphasize more plant-based whole foods – fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, legumes, etc. They’re nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory.

    At the same time, start crowding out inflammatory, acid-forming junk foods – refined grains/sugars, unhealthy oils, processed meats, fried fare, and heavily modified products.

    Don’t go crazy and try to overhaul your entire diet at once. Just take one simple step at a time introducing better foods as you crowd out the worst offenders.

    3. Prioritize Rest and Recovery

    Between jobs, family, chores, and everything else we juggle, it’s easy to ignore our sleep and rest needs. But lack of sleep and chronic stress damages our bodies in profound, irreversible ways.

    Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Go to bed earlier if you have to. Also, dedicate time each day to practices that lower stress hormones like basic meditation, breath Swork, journaling, or being out in nature.

    Combined, these healthy habits can dramatically boost your energy levels, productivity, longevity and quality of life. And those, my friends, are what true wealth is all about!

    You don’t need to radically overhaul your lifestyle today. Just start by implementing one new habit at a time. Small steps lead to massive progress towards optimal health – our most precious form of wealth!

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