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  • What’s Holding You Back From Real Estate Investing?

    Posted by Lisa on May 11, 2024 at 9:42 pm

    Hey There Real Estate Investing Rookies!

    Does this sound like you?

    “I wish I could invest in real estate and build long-term wealth, but…”

    • I don’t have enough money for a down payment

    • I don’t know anything about being a landlord

    • It seems too risky and complicated

    • I’m afraid I’ll mess it up and lose everything

    Those were my EXACT excuses years ago when I first learned about the incredible wealth-building potential of rental properties. I kept putting it off, telling myself I’d invest “one day” when I had more money, time and knowledge.

    Well, let me save you years of stalling and make-believe obstacle course runs. I’m living proof that you can start investing in real estate with VERY little:

    💰 Little Money (I bought my first rental with $20,000 saved up from side hustles)

    📖 Little Knowledge (I didn’t know a cap rate from a closing cost!)

    🏡 Little Experience (I was a total real estate investing newbie)

    I’ll be the first to admit – getting started ISN’T easy. It’s grueling to save up enough for that down payment through intense budgeting. It’s tedious to analyze hundreds of property deals before finding a good one. And yeah, it’s scary putting so much money on the line when you’re first starting out.

    But you know what’s even HARDER?

    Renting for the rest of your life and avoiding real estate investing altogether. Never building any equity or passive income. Watching real estate prices continue climbing while you’re stuck spectating from the sidelines.

    Real estate investing is 100000000x easier than that decade after decade of going nowhere. Trust me!

    So I’m here today to call out everyone making excuses about getting started in real estate. Who’s with me??? Let’s troubleshoot those mental roadblocks keeping you stuck in Procrastination City!

    Leave a comment below with your biggest hesitation when it comes to real estate investing. Whether it’s:

    💸 “But I have no cash for a down payment!”

    📝 “I don’t even know the first step to take!”

    😨 “What if being a landlord is a nightmare?”

    🤷 “How much money do I really need?”

    Whatever your real estate investing Excuse Du Jour is, let me know! I’ll offer specific advice for overcoming it based on my experience. I want to empower you to get started on this life-changing wealth-building journey.

    I can’t wait to hear your doubts, hesitations and mental hurdles. I’ll be going through each and every one, providing specific tactics for overcoming them based on my experiences. 2024 is THE year to get started with real estate investing!

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