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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these courses accredited?

No, at this time these courses are not accredited. We are working on having them accredited for them to be used as transferrable credits.

How Do I Sign Up?

Pick any level to join. You can either create an account using your email address or connect via social media with one click.

What is the difference between groups and forums?

You are joining a community. Groups were created for your interest. Forums are created for discussion. Everything is tailored for open communication.

Will I be charged?

It is free to join. There is limited access based on your membership level. You will only be charged based on your membership level and courses with a cost.

Can I connect with faculty?

There are different ways to connect with faculty. You have the option of direct communication or within groups and forum discussions.

Do I need a degree?

No! This is a learning community. Learn what you want and need. You can suggest topics of discussion.